“When the lord
begins to doubt the world,
he remembers he
created Provence”

Our 4 tips!

The activities and places of interest in the Vaucluse and Provence are numerous. Whether you are sporty, like visiting markets, want to soak up museums and culture, taste wines, want to eat good food or if you want to read a book in an easy chair. Too numerous to list everything here. If you choose to stay in B&B Bacchus Grotto, you will receive a tailor-made approach. As soon as you place a booking with us, we will explore all the possibilities this region has to offer together with you. Tailored to your wishes and length of stay. Nothing is too much for us, so feel free to ask all your questions. And then it is also more than convenient that Cairanne is located on a 4 department point, so that a variety of activities are within a short distance.

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Het kleine broertje van Chateauneuf du Pape


Chateauneuf du Pape

De championsleague van de zuidelijke Rhône



Wijndorp en plus beau village de France



Een Cru Village met uitstekende prijs kwaliteit balans


Een Provence lunch vers van de Markt

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Zomer Provence markten en wijnfeesten

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Antiekmarkten in de Provence

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Onze favoriete markten in de Provence

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Plus Beaux Villages 

These are the most beautiful villages in France. And within an hour's drive of Bacchus Grotto are several picturesque villages. Picturesque, pleasantly busy, good facilities for a snack and a drink are a number of similarities that connect these plus beaux villages. Seguret and Grignan are the two closest plus beaux villages. But Cairanne's convenient location also offers pretty villages just across the border from the Gard and Ardeche departments. Or in the beautiful Luberon. Taste the Provencal feeling and dream away in one of the plus beaux villages.

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